Does effort affect outlook? Thoughts on curing the workplace blahs.

Maybe it’s because we are in the dead of winter and I am located in cold and blustery New England, or maybe it’s because of my relative age – or maybe it’s just because! – but it seems that I have run across a whole lot of tired people over the past few weeks.

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Seeking help across the organization can put an end to repetitive problems.

Happy New Year! Here we go again! Oh joy!

Well, it is a new year, and I do hope for all it is a good one, but equally, I hope that no one is starting the year with the pessimistic state of mind, like “Here we go again! Oh darn!”

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The biggest challenge we face is how to implement change.

It’s not often that you receive a piece of mail – snail mail of all things – that stops you in your tracks. Just such a letter, looking suspiciously like junk mail, arrived in an unassuming envelope on my desk a few weeks ago.

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