October 2011



PCB Laminates
A Novel Halogen-Free, Phosphorus-Free Material for PCB Applications
Some studies have found halogen-containing epoxy resin might produce hazardous carcinogenic gases, such as dioxin and furan, under certain combustion temperatures (i.e., <1000°C). Halogen-free flame retardants, which exclude TBBPA, are becoming increasingly popular as a replacement. There are a variety of approaches to replacing TBBPA and other halogenated flame retardants. Tests show a new novel halogen-free, phosphorus-free material can fulfill the environmental requirements, exhibit good characteristics and nonflammability without a high cost penalty.
by Christina Jien and Johnson Chang

In Memoriam
2011 will likely be recalled as a transitive year, one in which we took stock of the pros and cons of various geographies and business models as we tried to come to grips with very uncertain economic times. It will also be recalled as the year we lost some of the industry’s biggest names from all ends of the design and manufacturing spectrum, from Steve Jobs to Werner Engelmaier. This month we reflect on their impact on our industry and our lives.





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