KOKOMO, IN - Richard D. Parker, lead technologist for advanced assembly technologies at Delphi Electronics & Safety Division has co-edited a book on lead-free electronics. Released in October 2007, the book, Entitled Lead-Free Electronics: iNEMI Projects Lead to Successful Manufacturing, is based on a six-year study on lead-free electronics, and covers issues surrounding the implementation of lead-free solder into electronic assembly boards.

"We are especially proud to have Rich as one of the co-editors of this new book" said Bob Schumacher, Delphi Electronics & Safety director of Advanced Product & Business Development. "His work on lead-free solder is a pivotal piece in our vision to keep our products and processes focused on being environmentally friendly"

The book features contributions from several hundred researchers at more than 100 companies, universities and government agencies. It includes chapters by industry experts on lead-free processing and covers topics such as solder material properties, reliability testing, lead-free rework and tin whisker mitigation.

"Rich has been a valuable contributor to iNEMI’s lead-free initiatives" said Jim McElroy, CEO of iNEMI. "He was not only instrumental in the publication of this book, but also in the work described by the book. His leadership and vision have been, and continue to be, integral to iNEMI’s successes in this area."

Parker serves as the chair of the iNEMI (International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative) Tin Whisker Project, Phase II. Numerous electronic system failures have been attributed to short circuits caused by tin whiskers that bridge closely-spaced circuit elements. Parker’s team focuses on identifying the root causes of whiskers to minimize the risk of system failures.

Parker received a bachelor of science degree from the former General Motor’s Institute in 1975 and has served in various engineering assignments at Delphi Electronics & Safety Division in Kokomo, Indiana.
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