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BradyPrinter i7100 industrial label printer prints on a variety of materials, while maintaining high-precision print quality.

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Delta Design now includes C3D Toolkit from C3D Labs.

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ExaMax high-speed backplane connector removes mid-plane, permitting fabric cards and line cards to mate directly. Increases airflow and improves thermal efficiencies throughout chassis. Enhance signal integrity via shorter trace lengths and fewer connector transitions while streamlining system BOM and optimizing system cost. Consists of EBDM-RA series, which mates directly with existing EBTF-RA series. Comes in 6 pair x 10 column and 6 pair x 12 column solutions. Guide pin and screw mount options also available. 6 pair x 6 column and 6 pair x 8 column options under development. Optimized for speeds up to 56 Gbps (PAM-4 modulation). Return loss compliance is achieved in 85Ω and 100Ω systems due to targeting 92Ω specifications and controlling reflections at all geometry transitions within the connector. Low mating force with excellent normal force and meets Telcordia GR-1217 CORE specifications. With two reliable points of contact at all times, even when subjected to angled mating, residual stubs are minimized for improved signal integrity performance. A 2.4mm contact wipe increases reliability while the hermaphroditic mating interface ensures stub-free mating and reliable alignment Features individual signal wafers with differential pairs in a staggered design and arranged in columns with zero skew. Each wafer includes a one-piece embossed ground structure, which increases isolation to significantly decrease crosstalk.


InstaBuild free automated part builder uses powerful computer vision technology to make schematic symbols in minutes. Using a datasheet as the input, automatically extracts symbol pinouts, understands whether a pin is an input, output or power pin, and auto-arranges symbols based on SnapEDA’s published symbol standards. Symbols are automatically mapped to verified IPC-compliant footprints. Ready-to-use symbol and footprint can be downloaded for a desired PCB design software. Supported formats include Altium, Autodesk Eagle, Mentor PADS and DXDesigner, Cadence OrCad and Allegro, KiCad, and PCB123. For most parts, the process takes less than 5 minutes. If a part is already available in SnapEDA’s component library, it can be downloaded free from the SnapEDA website instantly, or from within Altium, Eagle, or PCB123 using one of the SnapEDA plugins.


XJTAG v3.6 includes several new productivity and automation-focused enhancements, for setting up tests for complex boards in significantly less time.

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Sarcon EGR-11F thermal interface material absorbs a range of unwanted electromagnetic energy.

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