WILSONVILLE, OR -- A design team from Fujitsu Augsburg has been named best overall winner of the 2017 Mentor PCB Technology Leadership Awards for their high-performance computing mainboard.

The news came as part of a Mentor announcement of the latest winners of the long-running event.

The TLA were started in 1988 and are now the longest-running competition of its kind in the electronic design automation (EDA) industry. It recognizes engineers and designers who use innovative methods and design tools to address today's complex PCB systems design challenges and produce industry-leading products.

Prominent experts in the PCB industry judged entries from around the world in categories that represent a variety of industries:

The PCB Technology Leadership Awards contest was open to any designs created with Mentor PCB software. Judging is based on design complexity and overcoming associated challenges, such as small form factor, high-speed protocols, multi-discipline team collaboration, advanced PCB fabrication technologies, and design-cycle time reduction.

Judges included Mike Creeden, Gary Ferrari, Rick Hartley, Steve Herbstman, Happy Holden, Andy Kowalewski, Pete Waddell and Susy Webb.

2017 Technology Leadership Award Winners

Category: Best Overall Design

Company: Fujitsu Augsburg

Design team: Simon Czermak, Michael Schreittmiller, Sergej Beljaev, Andreas Titz, Mario Lanteri, Markus Wicher, Werner Hasubick, Peter Bräu, Nikola Skordev, Dieter Feiger

Using: Xpedition Enterprise

Category: Computers, Blade & Servers, Memory Systems

1st place: Adcom

Design team: Moshe Frid, Alon Kukuliansky, Nitzan Habler, Eli Moshe, Haim Anava, Doron K'Eliyahu, Lior Elgazar

Using: Xpedition Enterprise

2nd place: ASELSAN

Design team: Ahmet Erol, Fulya Ağirnas, Fatih Say, Emine Özer Türkay, Mustafa Algan

Using: Xpedition Enterprise

Category: Industrial Control, Instrumentation, Security & Medical

1st place: Shenzhen Mindray

Design team: Hupeng, Ouyangyilong, Zhaoguolong, Yiyong, Suchaoxun

Using: Xpedition Enterprise

2nd place: Murrelektronik GmbH

Design team: Matthias Haak, Simon De Serra

Using: PADS

Category: Military & Aerospace

1st place: Curtiss-Wright

Design team: Ashleye Soanes, Pascal Sauvé, Luc Bouchard, Stephen Reich

Using: Xpedition Enterprise

2nd place: Thales Alenia Space Italy

Design team: Enrico Checchi, Gabriele Rocco, Giovanni Saldi

Using: Xpedition Enterprise

Category: Telecom, Network Controllers, Line Cards

1st place: Altice Labs

Design team: Alfonso Figueiredo, Carlos Monica, Victor Soares, Luis Tavares

Using: Xpedition Enterprise

2nd place: Coriant Oy

Design team: Sauli Kunnas, Peter Kokko, Hannu Saarikoski, Paavo Perälä, Sami Jokinen, Juha Sarapelto, Jyrki Vuorinen, Jycke Sulka-aho, Matti Pulkkinen, Jyrki Nyyssönen, Päivi Vallin, Juha Ahvenainen

Using: Xpedition Enterprise

Category: Transportation & Automotive

1st place: Yanfeng Visteon Electronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Design team: Yuan Li, Yan Xue, Tao Wang, Qin Li

Using: Xpedition Enterprise

2nd place: Sienna Ecad Technologies Pvt Ltd

Designer: Krishna Murthy BS, Raghava Charyulu V, Savita R Ganjigatti

Using: PADS

The on-demand webinar highlighting industry trends and the winners of the 2017 Mentor PCB Technology Leadership Awards competition is posted at www.mentor.com/go/tla.

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