AVIA 355-7 Q-switched, frequency-tripled, solid-state laser is said to deliver more than 7W of average power at 355 nm. The highest average power reportedly is achieved at repetition rates near 60 kHz; can be operated at pulse rates as high as 100 kHz. Pulse width is less than 30 ns. Features include an automated crystal shifter and a THG crystal life of 60,000 hr.; automated stabilization mechanisms (first-pulse suppression, ThermEQ, PulseEQ, and PulseTrack); a Posilock beam position sensor and feedback loop, with a reported beam-pointing stability of <25 ÿrad/°C over the life of the laser. Is for via-hole drilling, chip singulation, scribing and dicing of silicon and low-K materials, and solar cell micromachining. 
Coherent Inc., www.Coherent.com
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