Saturn PCB Toolkit version 7.12 PCB design freeware calculates current capacity of a PCB trace, via current, differential pairs and much more.

Calculates the following: current a via needs to raise its temperature over ambient per IPC-2152; DC resistance with temperature compensation; bandwidth of a digital signal and maximum trace length, using the IPC-2251 method or the frequency domain method, for transmission line effects; wavelength of a signal using Ereff; differential pair impedance of a balanced line; outer and inner layer diameters of a padstack given the drill size; optimal BGA pad size based on ball diameter; wire diameter for a given AWG gauge; minimum conductor spacing using peak AC or DC voltage based on IPC-2221A data; impedance of a PCB microstrip or PCB stripline, and more.

Saturn PCB

Saturn PCB Toolkit V710-web

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