OrCAD Capture Cloud, a free, web-based subset of the OrCAD Capture schematic design, is now integrated with Ultra Librarian, providing a cloud-based design tool that is fully scalable to a professional, production-ready printed circuit board design solution.

Is accessed through a web browser and allows users to store designs privately in the cloud. Those with the desktop version of OrCAD Capture will have both upload and download capabilities, for working in the cloud or on the desktop. Designs can be accessed anywhere and on almost any computer, including Linux and Mac. Includes direct access to Ultra Librarian online library of over 14 million components. From within the OrCAD Capture Cloud environment, a user can search for parts, preview various results, and then place the schematic symbol directly onto a schematic page. The placed symbol’s properties include the appropriate footprint name, so that later work with OrCAD PCB Editor on the desktop has the correct information for placement and routing. This use of pre-built and validated library parts will both reduce errors and accelerate the design process. Extends OrCAD’s desktop scalability.

EMA Design Automation


EMA OrcadCapture web

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