00-9296 series single-position vertical, top-entry, poke-home connectors are for discrete 18–22AWG solid or stranded wire.

Deliver wire terminations designed to replace hand-soldered connections and two-piece connectors in perpendicular, low-pin-count industrial, commercial, smart grid, and SSL applications. Rated for a min. of 600VAC and up to 8A. Feature single-beam, stamped and formed, pre-plated phosphor bronze box contact that maximizes board attachment strength, exhibits high-spring force and resistance against fatigue and corrosion, and captures and retains an 18–22AWG wire. X-y footprint is 23% smaller than next-smallest AVX vertical poke-home connector. Integral molded flange replaces Kapton tape and provides vacuum pickup point for automated SMT placement. UL-approved, color-coded insulators. Applications include industrial machine controls; commercial building controls; smart grid meters, breakers, and panels; and SSL applications. Feature phosphor bronze contacts with lead-free tin-over-nickel plating. Rated for three cycles and a min. of 600VAC. Available with eight UL-approved insulator colors. Operating temperatures extend from -40° to +130°C. Come 1,250 parts per reel.



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