BotFactory SV2 PCB printer is a redesign of Squink.

Provides 200┬Ám traces; more than 2 layers; finer glue dispensing with single-part epoxy; an assembly system supporting 100+ parts as small as 0402, loaded in SMT strips; 150 x 150mm working area. Can interact through a web browser, uploading standard Gerber files, image files and centroid-and-rotation files to print and assemble boards. Has three hot-swappable tool heads for each step of the process: multilayer circuit printing, glue dispensing and component pick-and-place. All-metal frame and body. Fan-cooled heatbed and stronger power-supply. Inkjet system features more than 300 nozzles and a smaller droplet size. Has larger ink capacity. Cleaning station automatically maintains nozzles and extends cartridge lifespan. Has a wider print head, micro-dispensing tips, SMT strip holder for assembling PCBs with large quantities of similar parts. Automatically swaps out appropriately sized tips.



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