June 2012



Current Control
Thermal Effects of IR Drop on PCBs
Power distribution networks must provide adequate DC current-carrying capability, lest additional heat be generated on the board itself, yet it is difficult to design a PDN that meets the current demands of today’s ICs. But problems brought on by voltage drop, excessive current in vias, and excessive current densities can be identified and eliminated during design. Here's how.
by Patrick Carrier

The PCB Array, and Why We Use It
An array combines a single PCB multiple times to make a larger group of connected boards, a process sometimes referred to as “step and repeat.” The array helps an assembler load parts at a much faster rate. Follow these guidelines to set up arrays for manufacturing.
by Peter Brissette

The window to identify and train the next generation of designers is closing.
A pair of design veterans offer their take on what to do about it.
by Michael R. Creeden and Jeff Kuester






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