July 2011



Emerging Technologies
The Rapidly Changing Interconnect
A decade ago, North America made the conscious decision not to invest in HDI, a move that has hamstrung the continent ever since. With embedded components finally moving from potential to prime time, American manufacturing has another opportunity.
by Matthew Holzmann

Cover Story
Equipping the PCB Design and Supply Chain with 21st Century Data
It’s an age-old story: A good design is undone at fabrication or assembly by a file transfer format that doesn’t accommodate key data. Yet, we still mechanically accept 30-year-old ways of communicating design intent to manufacturing. Change could finally be brewing, though, as a new industry consortium made up of OEMs, users and CAD/CAM providers drives for standardization across design, fabrication, assembly and test.
by Keith Felton and Hemant Shah

Board Registration
The Enigmatic Breakout Angle
If plated through-holes in multilayer printed circuit boards are not suitably registered, board reliability is threatened. But industry standards call for vertical microsections of coupons on PCBs, which do not allow measurement of breakout in internal annular ring. A new design for quantitatively determining annular ring and breakout angle on PCB innerlayers.
by Russell Dudek and Louis Hart





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