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System Design
The Cost of Advancing Technology
New collaborative systems connect designers and extend their reach beyond the PCB to other disciplines, enhancing the product development cycle.
by Henry Potts

Thermal Management
Solving System Level Thermal Management Challenges
Thermal management is critical to overall system performance so mechanical designers need to consider thermal issues from the earliest stages of the design.
by Dr. John Parry

Innovative Modeling Supports Co-Design of the Power Supply Chain, Part 1
New software tools ease problems associated with power delivery design in large computer systems.
by David Quint and Charles Keen

Emerging Technologies
‘Warm’ Manufacturing Heats Up
Nanotechnology poses an attractive solution for lower-temp soldering.
by Dr. Alan Rae, Dr. Andrew Skipor and Marc Chason

Greener PCB Coatings
Balance cost, performance and environmental impact when selecting a conformal coating.
by Kent Larson

Solder Mask
Environmentally Friendly Digital Inkjet Solder Mask Printing
The advantages of inkjet processing provide the PCB fabricator with a new tool to improve product quality and reduce waste.
by Yehuda David and Dr. Yifat Bareket


Our Line
What keeps you up at night?
Kathy Nargi-Toth

Luck is good planning, carefully executed, with a "just do it" attitude.
Peter Bigelow

Final Finish Forum
Why is immersion silver the preferred finish in ballistic missile nosecones?
Don Cullen

On the Forefront
Electronics companies across markets are hopping on PoP.
E. Jan Vardaman

Positive Plating
Advanced PCBs require electrolytic copper capable of excellent throwing power and leveling.
Michael Carano

BGA Bulletin
Maximize high pin count BGA routing by using regional application of blind and buried vias.
Charles Pfeil


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