Designer Salary Survey
The 2007 PCB Designer Salary Survey
The survey suggests the U.S. designer resource is aging at an excellerated rate, so we need to ask, "Where is the next generation of PCB designers?"
by Kathy Nargi-Toth

RF Design
Integrating RF into PCB Design
In RF designs, it’s important to identify and correct circuit interactions as the system design evolves to reduce cycle time and prevent unnecessary re-spins.
by Per Viklund

Noise Reduction
Benefits of Implementing Differential Pairs
When using differential circuits, specific design rules can maximize the advantages while minimizing design-induced difficulties.
by Syed W. Ali

Supply Chain
An OEM Guideline for Selecting PCB Suppliers
When choosing a PCB supplier, site inspection and qualification testing are important, but doing your homework ahead of the facility visit can save time and money.
by Renee Michalkiewicz

The Critical Parameters in the DfM Equation
A successful DfM program is part methodology, part design environment and part toolset, with a foundation based on fabrication processes.
by Nolan Johnson



Our Line
The times, they are a changing.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

Sometimes, the break up of long-standing business relationships is the only way to move forward.
Peter Bigelow

Interconnect Strategies
After almost 150 years, Maxwell’s equations still have a strong influence on modern SI tools and methodologies.
Dr. Abe (Abbas) Riazi

Positive Plating
Careful control of the drilling can lead to improved plating quality.
Michael Carano

The Signal Doctor
Understanding how to reproduce a signal integrity problem is the first step in finding the root cause and resolving the anomaly.
Dr. Eric Bogatin



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