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A New Approach for Finer Pitch Package-on-Package in Mobile Devices
µPILR technology can reduce the standoff between the PCB and the bottom package and increase mechanical board-level reliability, improving drop-test performance.
by Manisha Sharma

HDI Design and Fab
HDI Via Structures Effect on PCB Design Flexibility, Constraints and Cost
Microvias are more reliable than through holes, so adding HDI to the design can improve reliability and reduce cost.
by Happy Holden

The Fluid Mechanic Modeling of PCB Plating Solutions
Aspect ratio is important in defining the flow rate through a hole, but hole diameter and the agitation speed are equally significant.
by J. Lee Parker

Design Tools
ECAD-MCAD Design Integration
As design disciplines converge, the ability to display, exchange and work in 3D will become an essential part of the electronic product development process.
by Rob Evans

Metric Design
Metric Pitch BGA and Micro BGA Routing Solutions
For designers, working with metric units increases performance and overall quality.
by Tom Hausherr



Our Line
Fab futures.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

To exceed customer expectations, understand your customers’ values and focus on customers who share a common vision.
Peter Bigelow

The Signal Doctor
Approximating loop inductance can point out the best design features to lower power return path inductance.
Dr. Eric Bogatin

The Flex Market
TCPA review.
Dominique Numakura



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