PCB Design
Designing for High Layer Count
The design team plays a major role in reducing emissions, increasing immunity and improving signal quality for complex, high-speed PCBs.
by Faisal Ahmed and Ishtiaq Safdar

Design Constraint
Next Generation PCB Design Constraint Management
New design systems support multiple users and concurrent rules - and they automate repeat tasks and use net topology templates - to reduce the time needed to complete complex designs.
by Andy Critcher

Quality Systems
The Use of Six Sigma Principles for Successful RoHS Implementation
The change over to lead-free creates an excellent opportunity to evaluate new materials and upgrade manufacturing processes that will result in improved quality and a lower manufacturing cost.
by Dr. Sammy G. Shina

Better Business
Transforming the Chemical Supply Chain
Chemical management services offer a new business model that can reduce cost and keep companies compliant with evolving regulatory challenges.
by Jill Kauffman Johnson

PTH Metalization
Metalization of High Performance Resin Materials with a Graphite-based Direct Plating System
Graphite systems coat and then bind to resin and glass, making them ideal for use with a wide variety of high performance laminate materials.
by Michael Carano


Our Line
All that glitters: a review of IPC Expo 2007.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

A celebration of the past often leads to optimism for the future.
Peter Bigelow

EMC for the Real World
When designing with decoupling capacitors, mount the decoupling capacitor on the side of the board with the smallest rectangular loop area to net the lowest inductance.
Dr. Bruce Archambeault

Interconnect Strategies
Signal and power integrity degradation can occur in PCBs and IC packages due to high-speed traces traversing plane-splits.
Dr. Abe Riazi

The Flex Market
Retooling for higher margin product lines kept many Japanese companies profitable in 2006.
Dominique Numakura

The Signal Doctor
The proximity effect of differential pairs results in resistance increases for tighter coupling.
Dr. Eric Bogatin



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