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High-Speed Design
Selecting the Right SerDes Device
OEM designers and their EMS partners should evaluate SerDes device characteristics and match them to known PCB design constraints to improve overall performance.
by Syed W. Ali

Power Delivery System
Cost-Optimized PCB Power Integrity Design
New analysis tools measure the performance of the power delivery system and consider both cost and electrical performance resulting in a functional and cost-efficient design.
by Brad Brim

iNemi Roadmap
Converging Products, Expanding Supply Chain
Change is demanded to head off further commoditization and ensure future innovation.
by Jim McElroy

World Markets
Consumer Electronics Reign Supreme
Asian control of cell phone and IC substrate production propels growth.
by Dr. Hayao Nakahara

RoHS and Fabrication
The Impact of Lead-Free Processing on Interconnect Reliability
Lead-free assembly requires a balance between copper, base material and design to assure reliability.
by Paul Reid

Final Finishes
Selecting the Right Final Finish for RoHS Compliant PCBs
Immersion silver and high temperature OSPs meet the manufacturer's goals of low cost and ease of use, and the assembler's need for high first-pass yields and improved long term reliability.
by Frando van der Pas, Yung-Herng Yau, Karl Wengenroth and Jim Kenny



Our Line
Build to print.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

A valued supplier/customer relationship begins with mutually beneficial long-term goals.
Peter Bigelow

PCB Problem Solvers
New design tools that incorporate strategic planning, routing guidance and design feedback.
Josh Moore and Paul Musto

The Flex Market
Japan's leading-edge technology attracts big crowds.
Dominique Numakura

The Signal Doctor
When taking measurements or doing simulations, it's good to anticipate your results ahead of time.
Dr. Eric Bogatin



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