HDI Design
HDI Technology Moves Into Mainstream Design

Applying HDI design rules should not be taken lightly. Designing an HDI PCB can result in a board that is more expensive to fabricate, so understanding when HDI is needed and when it is not is critical to cost management.
by Happy Holden

Cover Story
Simulation Tools Speed the Design of Embedded Capacitance Layers
Embedded capacitance layers can reduce board size, increase functionality, lower costs and improve electrical performance. Capacitance layers also enhance signal integrity, reduce impedance at high frequency and dampen noise. A simulation tool helps designers introduce thin core planes to reduce the number of discrete capacitors and achieve better electrical performance.
by John Andresakis, Kazuhiro Yamazaki, Fujio Kuwako and Yoshi Fukawa

Base Materials
Laminate Material Selection for RoHS Assembly
Success in lead-free assembly is based on matching critical laminate properties with the design constraints.
by Erik Bergum and Ed Kelley

Note: The online article contains both Part 1, published in the November issue, and Part 2, published in the December issue.

Improving In-Circuit Test
Short-Wire Test Fixtures Shrink Targets While Maintaining Integrity
Testing is a critical component of the PCB manufacturing and assembly process. The short-wire fixture technique is well suited for high density test point fixtures, sub 0.050" center spacing requirements and small test targets down to 0.018" in diameter.
by Gary St. Onge and Alan Albee


Our Line
Value propositions.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

Get back to the basics of working relationships in order to improve the industry.
Peter Bigelow

Interconnect Strategies
Accurate modeling of package inner structures aids high-speed system-level simulations.
Dr. Abe Riazi

CAM Works
One expert’s opinion on the misuse of free Gerber viewers.
Jeff Miller

No Myths Allowed
Describing what we do every day as PCB designers and engineers is not an easy task.
Dr. Eric Bogatin

Guest Columnist
A China RoHS update and summary of the visit by Chinese officials from the Ministry of Information Industry hosted by AeA.
Walter Jager


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