Cover Story
Has the Copper Interconnect Hit Its Speed Limit?
The silicon may do all the work, but it's up to the interconnect to minimize the hit to size, weight, cost and signal quality. A look at how traditional copper lines are finding new life at previously unfathomable speeds.
by Dr. Eric Bogatin

Component Polarity
Resolving Component Polarity Problems
Knowing the rotations for each component type can compensate for inconsistencies in orientation between library geometries and component reels.
by Jack C. Olson

Design Rules for LDI
What Designers Should Know About LDI
Laser direct imaging eliminates phototools and tightens design tolerances. The good designer will use these guidelines to take full advantage.
by Brewster Barclay

Pulse Plating
Methodology for High Aspect Ratio Pulse Plating
Periodic reverse pulse tanks, once seen as a current density capacity enhancement for standard boards, are turning out significantly better results versus DC plating.
by Robert D. Edwards

2004 PCD&M Buyers' Guide


Power Selling
The art of staying successful.
Dan Beaulieu

Stupid and bad and inspiring and good.
Peter Bigelow

Getting Embedded
Setting the standards for embedded passive materials and boards.
Richard Snogren

Our Line
The great data race is on.
Mike Buetow

The Flex Market
The expanding material shortage.
Dominique Numakura

Career Care
You're never too old for an education.
Ted Daywalt

The Chain
Is it unpatriotic to buy boards offshore?

Greg Papandrew


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