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Micro-machining of Trenches to Form Shielded Transmission Lines
Need a high-speed transmission line in a circuit board that can distribute 10 Gb/s signals? Here's how to create a shield for it that eliminates crosstalk between traces and eliminates EMC.
by Joan Tourné

Designing for EMC
Using Signal Integrity Analysis to Achieve EMC
For high-speed design, power and signal integrity must be analyzed before the prototype PCB is fabricated. Power distribution systems analysis identifies hot spots on the board and improves interlayer noise and impedance.
by Vishram Pandit, John Rymkiewicz, Robert Davis and Raj Raghuram

Impedance Control
Achieving Impedance Control Targets
The standard for the tolerance in characteristic impedance is ±10%, but this requirement is being reduced to meet more difficult noise budgets. Meeting this goal means engineering discipline, including accurate 2D field solvers, precision robotic testing and accurate Dk characterization.
by Dr. Eric Bogatin and Steve Zimmer

IPC Expo Recap
Is the Supply Chain Finally Unchained?
After two years of stagnation and recession, changes are afoot. The big story: pending environmental laws, and ways to assess tradeoffs of different materials.
by Mike Buetow and Andy Shaughnessy

Thin Laminates
Ultra-Thin, Loaded Epoxy Materials for Use as Embedded Capacitor Layers
New 25-&microm, high-capacitance power-ground cores are very lossy at high frequencies, thus preventing signal integrity and EMI issues, and eliminate hundreds of discrete capacitors.
by Joel S. Peiffer

Embedded Passives
System Considerations for Laser Trimming Embedded Passives
Test results on a turnkey, single-button laser trimmer for production, including a novel test probing system.
by Bo Gu, Mordechai Brodt, Pierre-Yves Mabboux and Jeff Wake


Power Selling
Kicking around partnerships.
Dan Beaulieu

Is it time to change how we choose our suppliers?
Peter Bigelow

No Myths Allowed
Keeping crosstalk-induced deterministic jitter at bay.
Dr. Eric Bogatin

Getting Embedded
Creating an accurate, easy-to-use cost model.
Richard Snogren

The Plating Rack
Resin recession and hole-wall pullaway.
Michael Carano

The Flex Market
Is 5 µm pitch small enough for you?
Dominique Numakura

The Chain
Life as the big fish in a small pond can be good.
Greg Papandrew

Our Line
Lead: Flying High?

Mike Buetow


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