FPGA Design Flow
An Integrated Approach to Designing-in FPGAs
Oversized FPGA packages, with thousands of pins, means interconnect routing congestion issues and expensive HDI boards. An integrated system design reduces FPGA/PCB design iterations and routing congestion.
by Dave Brady

PCB West Recap
For Designers, Better Times
At PCB West in March, exhibitors were pleased with the quantity and quality of leads, and the ill winds of past industry trade shows was gone.
by Andy Shaughnessy and Mike Buetow

Stripline Speed
Microstrip Propagation Time
The difference in determining stripline and microstrip propagation time is more than a fine line.
by Douglas Brooks

BGA Footprints
Land Patterns for BGA Packages
Routing, spacing and soldermask requirements for coarse- and fine-pitch ball grid arrays.
by Vern Solberg

Cover Story
Trends in Laser Microvia Drilling
Demand for the technology is healthy, but new systems reveal mostly engineering advances, not breakthroughs.
by Dr. Ronald D. Schaeffer

CPCA Recap
Shanghai: Gateway to the Future
The guidebooks say that Shanghai is the biggest city in the biggest country in the world. And the CPCA Show is fast becoming the largest printed circuit board trade show in the world. If you want to see the face of globalization, come here.
by Dan Beaulieu


Power Selling
You can never have enough sales - or salespersons.
Dan Beaulieu

Is now the time for industry consortia?
Peter Bigelow

No Myths Allowed
Clearing the air about crosstalk.
Dr. Eric Bogatin

Getting Embedded
Thermal properties of embedded resistors.
Richard Snogren

The Flex Market
High density flex circuits are primed for growth.
Dominique Numakura

Career Care
Upgrade your skill set or be left behind.
Ted Daywalt

Our Line
Let's get small.

Mike Buetow


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