10 Gb/s Design
Repeatably Fabricating Copper Channels for 10 Gb/s NRZ Signaling
Process variance during fabrication and environmental conditions of operation can have a significant impact on channel performance, making it crucial to understand the sources of variation and how they affect the channel's critical-to-function electrical parameters. A statistical approach for characterizing system performance and variation for 10 Gb/s channel designs.
by Mike Oltmanns

Successful Autorouting
Autorouting Completion and Quality
Can an autorouter compete with a top-notch designer? Competing with the experienced designer is simple enough: route it to 100%, maintain all the quality requirements, and do it in significantly less time. It's only software, right? An autorouter developer comes clean on completion rates and the role of the designer as artist.
by Charles Pfeil

North American PCB Industry
Ups and Downs in America
Industry ups and downs track cycles of the general economy, with one exception, but nothing compares to the just-ended recession. How U.S. makers will recapture their glory days.
by Dr. Hayao Nakahara

Cover Story
Laminate Supply Issue Weaves a Tangled Tale
After two-plus years of recession and factory shutdowns, who could have predicted today's tight constraints? The Great Material Shortage of 2004 is at hand.
by Mike Buetow

Process Improvement
IR: A Final 'Cure'?
Infrared heat sources transfer heat via radiation, and all products emit IR radiation. Pure IR ovens can shorten cycle time drastically, and offer dual use for soldermask and legend curing. A primer on how IR works.
by Dave Corey


Power Selling
The five habits of successful PCB owners.
Dan Beaulieu

Hurdling the lead-free mandate will take more than a little supplier-customer loyalty.
Peter Bigelow

No Myths Allowed
Three ways to test 2D field solver accuracy.
Dr. Eric Bogatin

Getting Embedded
Many variables affect resistor heating, and most relate to PCB design and construction.
Mike Jouppi

Better Phototooling
A few fine lines about artwork protect films.
Jeff Jarvis

The Flex Market
How Japan manufacturers can afford the highest labor costs and still grab market share.
Dominique Numakura

Career Care

Let your fingers do the walking.
Ted Daywalt

Our Line
A lead-free loophole?
Mike Buetow


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