Cover Story
Man vs. Machine
Many PCB designers have a love-hate relationship with their design tools. They love the time that automation saves them, but hate giving up total control. EDA companies must strike a delicate balance between providing too much automation and not enough.
by Rob Irwin

Thermal Management
Hot Spots and Heatsinks
The time to uncover your board’s steamy side is before it can fail the 'smoke test.' Stick to your thermal budget and watch your components, power planes and conductors.
by Mike Jouppi

Signal Integrity
PCI Express Verification
With signal integrity verification and the right game plan, working in the microwave arena doesn’t have to be a scary proposition. Network analyzers, TDR and TDT modeling can help.
by Randy Weber

Screen Printing
Mass Imaging Process for Via-Filling
As the growth of technologies such as via-in-pad causes via-filling processes to mature, enclosed-head screen-printing offers an alternative to the squeegee.
by David Foggie


Our Line
Our latest malady: economic whiplash.
Andy Shaughnessy

Power Selling
Your boards are not commodities.
Dan Beaulieu

We can turn this industry around, but only if we cooperate.
Peter Bigelow

Interconnect Strategies
Stub or no stub? Topology analysis can help you decide.
Abe Riazi

CAM Works
Are we smart enough to say goodbye to Gerber?
Jeff Miller

Career Care
Make a good first impression.
Ted Daywalt

Better Phototooling
Improving the imaging process with APF, Part II.
Jeff Jarvis

No Myths Allowed
When is a transmission line not a transmission line?
Dr. Eric Bogatin


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