Virtual Prototyping
This extra step can virtually pay for itself in time and money, from simulation through DFM. And VP just might keep you out of the test lab.
by Tim Ghazaleh

Cover Story
The PCD&M Design Engineer Salary Survey
As the economy recovers, engineers' salaries edge upward. But many are still unsure about the industry.
by Andy Shaughnessy

Laminate Properties
Woven Glass Reinforcement Patterns
They can have various effects - pro and con - on PCB spatial electrical properties.
by Gary Brist, Bryce Horine and Gary Long

High-speed Materials
Best Materials for 3-6 GHz Design
Fighting signal loss at higher frequencies can be an uphill battle. But the right substrate can tilt the odds back into your favor.
by Doug Leys


Our Line
The EU's move to lead-free.
Andy Shaughnessy

Power Selling
Fabricators have to buy from someone. Here's how to get your foot in the door.
Dan Beaulieu

The best ideas in the world are worthless if we can't communicate them to our employees, partners and customers.
Peter Bigelow

The Flex Market
Japan's PCB market grew slightly in July, with double-sided and multilayer flex at the head of the pack. But the rest of the year is a toss-up.
Dominique Numakura

Career Care
The Internet is a great tool for job-hunters who keep up with the latest tricks of the cyberspace trade.
Ted Daywalt

No Myths Allowed
Never heard of insertion loss and return loss? Meet the new universal characterization metrics.
Dr. Eric Bogatin


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