MCAD Co-Designer extension for Altium Designer facilitates collaboration between mechanical and electronic design with integrated design data, a managed change environment for design revisions, and lifecycle management for component creation. Is said to tightly integrate design data between ECAD and MCAD software environments. Integrates directly with Solidworks to allow mechanical and electrical collaboration without interruptions to existing workflow efficiencies. Features include:

  • Managed design revisions, for making changes to component placement and board shape in their respective design environments. Changes are then pushed through a new ECAD/MCAD project collaboration server, which notifies the designer of changes made to a design and provides the option to accept or reject changes as desired.
  • Integrated design data, linked between Altium Designer and a mechanical designer's software environment, for exporting board assemblies to MCAD software with included copper information, allowing thermal, vibration, and other mechanical simulations.
  • Distinct workflows and lifecycles, to allow existing workflow productivity to be maintained with no interruptions to their design environment. Component models and electrical data can be worked on independently in both design environments, and completed design data can then be joined into a unified component model.



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