OrCAD Systems acquired by Intelligent Systems.

EDAC (Electronic Design Automation Companies) formed.

Cadence acquires Prages maker, ASI, and Thermax maker, Helios.

Cooper & Chyan Technology introduces first shaped-based router.

Dazix files for bankruptcy; Intergraph acquires Dazix.

Steve Klare founds Intercept Technology Inc.

Miller Freeman Inc. acquires Circuit Design from PMSI and changes name back to Printed Circuit Design.

Racal-Redac launches Visula Expert Series and MaXI/PC.

Dr. John A. Swanson founds Swanson Analysis Systems Inc. to develop and market finite element analysis software. It would later become Ansys.

WISE Software Solutions releases GerbTool CAM software.


Surface-mount technology and high-speed driving the need for multilayer boards. EDA software begins move to UNIX.

OrCAD acquired in management buyout from Intelligent Systems Master L.P.

Harris Scientific Calculations Division purchases TASK Technologies; acquires Finesse MCM.

CAD Software sold to Kyoden, a Tokyo, Japan, based distributor of PADS products. 

Calay closes its doors. 

Mentor Graphics introduces MCM station.

IPC-D-275 released.

ACCEL introduces TangoPRO for Windows and Tango NEC DOS, localized for Japan.

Cadence acquires Valid Logic. Also acquires Pinebush Tech., maker of PT Plot.

CADint Sweden founded by original design team of EE-Designer products.

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