Premiere issue of Printed Circuit Design published in September by PMSI.

Omation Inc. (Schema) founded.

Pacific Numerix Corp. founded.

RedCAD system launched by Racal-Redac.

AutoTRAX Software founded.

Mentor Graphics acquires CADI; hires John Cooper from IBM (later of Cooper & Chyan).


Lavenir Technologi Inc. founded by Max Henzi and Marius Matioc.

Mentor Graphics introduces Board Station.

OrCAD Systems Corp. founded.

Protel International Pty Ltd. founded by Nick Martin (above); later becomes Altium.

Racal-Redac releases Visula, a UNIX-based PCB design system.

Alan Finch (below) and three coauthors propose a gridless method for designing fine-line printed circuit board.

Alan Finch


Use of PCs to design PCBs is becoming a more common practice, although many saw CAD systems as cost prohibitive. Surface-mount technology (SMT) was seen as a technology for the 1990s.

Automatic digitizing systems become available.

Electronics industry takes a downturn.

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