ROCHESTER, NY – EMA Design Automation today announced the release of a new e-learning training platform to help OrCAD users improve proficiency with the toolset.

Concurrently, the software developer and reseller launched a certification program for users to demonstrate their level of knowledge of the OrCAD design tool.

“Quite often, customers will ask me if I know of any qualified engineers that they could hire and put to work immediately,” said Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA. “Because of this certification program, with a simple web search and a review of LinkedIn certification credentials, hiring managers can easily find qualified OrCAD engineering candidates.”

The new e-learning platform allows students to learn at their own pace. Modules cover the same material as their classroom counterparts, providing comprehensive training resources which include both videos and labs. Students use their own computers and access the guided training via the internet.

All EMA training includes the opportunity to take the OrCAD certified exam for the tool covered in the course. Taking the course isn’t required to take the exam, the company adds: Experienced OrCAD users can purchase an exam for a small fee if they believe they already possess the knowledge required for the particular subject.

Students who pass the exam will receive an OrCAD Certified certificate for the tool they have mastered, as well as being able to list the certification on their LinkedIn page, business cards, resumes, and biographies. The certificate will also include the software version of the tool that was passed to help identify those with the latest expertise. Those who do not pass may retake the exam. They can also apply the cost of the exam to an EMA training course.

“Our existing courseware has been tremendously successful,” added Marcano. “In fact, 98% of the students agreed that the EMA training they received would greatly improve their work performance, and nine out of 10 students confirmed the class they attended exceeded their expectations. With the addition of the OrCAD certification exams, OrCAD aficionados can proclaim their proficiency, and hiring managers have an added tool to ensure that they get the best candidates available.”


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