RollVia vacuum plasma system is completely self-contained.

Offers roll-to-roll material handling for flexible printed circuit board manufacturing. Now incorporates unique vacuum and gas flow technology, new process control technology, updated electrode designs, and superior temperature management with control of roll speed, tension, and edge guidance for uniform plasma treatment of substrates as thin as 25 microns. Is used for surface activation for improved adhesion, carbon removal and descum/desmear for cleaner surfaces, and etchback, which removes a slight amount of dielectric contamination between internal copper planes during production of PCBs. Vacuum system, plasma chamber, control electronics, and 40kHz power supply are housed in single enclosure. Footprint is 1737 x 2020 x 2323mm (69 x 80 x 92") and can handle and process web widths from 48 to 600mm. Service-friendly design with three doors for full front and rear access make substrate loading simple and easy. Permits vertical processing so that equal plasma treatment can be applied to both sides of substrate, maximizing product quality and throughput. Fast vacuum pump down and process cycle times add to throughput and productivity. Configurable with 1, 3 or 5 plasma cells.

Nordson March

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