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Designing Hardware in the Cloud
A startup company leveraging online collaborative tools to perform printed circuit design using a web browser and, in doing so, driving what it says is the first real technology transformation since Windows.
by Mike Buetow

Thermal Management
Direct Thermal Exchange and Its Impact on LED Heat Removal
A cutting-edge PCB construction methodology for highly-efficient heat removal or thermal dissipation creates a direct thermal path conduction capability and reduces LED junction temperature far more efficiently when compared to traditional FR-4, metal core or aluminum PCB constructions.
by Pratish Patel

High-Speed Backplanes
Predictability and Efficient Initial Backplane PCB Fabrication

The total signal loss is the combination of the losses by the conductor and dielectric laminate, and a successful design requires understanding SI design and low-loss material properties.
by Carl F. Hornig

Moisture Protection
Influences on Barrier Performance of UV/EB Cured Polymers.
by Joshua M. Oliver and Dale S. Babcock



Caveat Lecto

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