PCD&F May 2010 cover




Cover Story

Frequency Loss Effect of Conductor Profile on the Insertion Loss, Phase Constant and Dispersion in Thin High Frequency Transmission Lines

Increasing conductor roughness alone increases the effective Dk in thin circuitry by up to 15%, while substantially increasing dispersion.

Allen F. Horn III, Ph.D., John W. Reynolds, Patricia A. LaFrance and James C. Rautio, Ph.D.  

RF Design

Choosing an RF Design Environment Flow

You can’t build a house without blueprints. So why do so many RF design flows try to build a board without a schematic?

by Abby Monaco  

CPCA Show Recap

Cautious Optimism in China

Exhibitors were cautious rather than shell-shocked, and even with a wobbly recovery underway, they have seen a marked increase in business.

by Matthew Holzmann  

Memory Interface Design

Memory Interface Speed Solutions

Higher performance requirements reduce timing margins on interfaces, thus imposing strict rules on board routing.

by Hal Katircioglu  

Apex Recap

New Year, New Outlook

An uptick in attendance on the floor overshadowed a lack of innovations in the booths.

By Mike Buetow and Chelsey Drysdale        



First Person  

Caveat Lector

EMS hot for LED.

Mike Buetow  


Sayonara, electronics engineering?

Pete Waddell


Money Matters  

Sherman’s Market

Printed electronics: process revolution?

Randall Sherman  


Bad grades.

Peter Bigelow  


Tech Talk  


On the Forefront

Inside the iPad.

E. Jan Vardaman  

Designer’s Notebook

It’s the data, stupid!

Michael Dreyer         

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