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Laminate Materials
Making Sense of Laminate Dielectric Properties
ECAD-MCAD collaboration supports bidirectional communication that can shorten design times, reduce errors and bring competitive products to market faster.
by Richard Pangier and Michael J. Gay

Solder Mask DfA
Design and Fab Tips for Improving Solder Mask Registration
When data management is an integral part of the design environment, it works with designers rather than against them.
by Hien Ly

Power Integrity
Automating the DDRx Interface Verification Process
The decisions made in the design seat determine not only the size and shape of the PCB, but also the technology and materials needed to build it.
by Dave Kohlmeier

Online Resource
PCD&F Annual Buyers Guide
A comprehensive, searchable listing of design and fabrication suppliers.



Our Line
Yielding to change.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

The best way to survive 2009 is to have a solid and realistic business plan.
Peter Bigelow

The Signal Doctor
Coupling in differential pairs.
Dr. Eric Bogatin

Positive Plating
Organic addition agents influence secondary current distribution and control the physical properties of the copper deposit.
Michael Carano

Final Finish Forum
Taking a smaller perspective with surface finishes helps to understand the benefits of each type of metal coating.
Don Cullen

BGA Bulletin
PCB footprints for mobile chipsets.
Charles Pfeil



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