ARLINGTON, VA - The Electronics Component Assembly and Materials Association (ECA) reports that most researchers are predicting the electronic components market in 2008 will grow at about the same rate or slightly better than 2007, with supply and demand for electronic components continuing to look good.

Following an increase in December, orders slowed in January, according to the ECA’s four-to-five week average index, continuing that the previous 12-month average remained relatively flat.

In addition, the Consumer Electronics Association predicted last month that the consumer products market will grow 6.1% this year, fueled by a 13% growth in TV sales, a 173% increase in next-generation DVD players, and 50% growth in video game consoles.

iSuppli also forecasts a 7% rise in worldwide electronics equipment revenue, driven primarily by data processing and wireless communications markets.

“Electronic components isn’t exactly a ‘teflon’ market, but it does have an uncanny ability to weather storms that damage other markets. I think a lot of credit can go to better management of supply chains based on the lessons learned from … the market at the turn of the century,” concluded Bob Willis, ECA president.

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