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Written by Chelsey Drysdale   
Thursday, 28 March 2013 17:25

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Sales of printed electronics will grow from $321.8 million in 2010 to $943.7 million in 2017, says Frost & Sullivan.

Printed electronics are gaining popularity across applications for their benefits of low cost, high throughput, ease of manufacturing, and use in new applications, the research firm says. Industries are backing innovations in this domain due to the technology’s ability to enable different low-end commercial applications by complementing, instead of replacing, silicon microelectronics.

“Investors are increasingly drawn to the printed electronics market due to its low cost of entry and technological know-how of conventional printing. The conventional printing methods are already mastered and thus reduces chances of any anomaly with the process,” said Frost & Sullivan research analyst Nupur Sinha. “The market is also attracting greater investments and support from both organizations and governments, as it aids the production of green electronics by utilizing biodegradable and recyclable materials.”

Investors in the printed electronics market will seek high-production volumes from the technology, but some techniques such as screen and inkjet printing are relatively slow, which makes them unsuitable for high-volume manufacturing, Frost says. Soft lithographic techniques used for devices like transistors, RFID tags, and wearable electronics also have limited production volumes.

Printed electronics developers are working on enhancing product design and integration to attract investors from high-volume markets.





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