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Written by Mike Buetow   
Monday, 10 February 2014 16:39

HENDERSON, NV -- Americom Seminars will produce several signal integrity and EMI courses across the US over the upcoming months. The training firm will have workshops in Dublin-Pleasanton, CA (Oakland) March 10-14, Littleton, MA (Boston) April 7-11, 2014.

Courses will be taught by Robert Hanson, an internationally recognized electrical engineering expert instructor who teaches design rules and design processes that ensure PCBs will function properly at the prototype stage. Hanson emphasizes cost-competitive design without sacrificing high-speed integrity.

The one-day courses Hanson offers include:

1. Transmission Lines

2. Crosstalk, Layer Stacking, Separating Analog/Digital Planes, and Terminations

3. Bypassing, Power Delivery, Vias, Connectors, and Buses

4. Differential Signaling and Clock Distribution Control

5. Key Issues for EMI/EMC: How to Design and Build a Compliant System

Courses are intended for digital design engineers, design managers, test engineers, EMI/EMC engineers, IC digital logic designers, project managers  of high-speed designs, communication engineers, and military digital engineers. Advanced math is not required, although participants will find it helpful to  bring a scientific calculator to the course. The material is presented at a  technical level that provides experienced designers with information to design  and lay out a high-speed PCB that meets signal integrity (SI) and EMI.







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